COCELPA - Cia. de Celulose e Papel do Paraná

Mills: Araucária and Curitiba (in the State of Paraná) d

Office: Curitiba (Paraná)

Cocelpa is a company of Grupo Ecoverdi, which operates in the forest products, paper and pulp industry. The company’s tradition in the wood segment and the quality of its products make Cocelpa – Companhia de Celulose e Papel do Paraná one of the best-positioned companies in the pulp, kraft paper and packaging industry, both in the domestic and foreign markets. Cocelpa’s main business are the production and sales of kraft papers and production and sales of paper sacks and bags.

Products: Packaging papers.

Cocelpa’s papers supply the packaging segment, with two main products: Kraft Liner and Sack Kraft. Kraft Liner contains up to 70% scrap paper. Sack Kraft is made from 100% virgin fiber from reforested loblolly pine. It can be natural, semi-extensible or extensible, and it can also be moisture resistant according to customer demand. Packaging made by Cocelpa supplies various industries, including building materials, food and agriculture.

Environmental and Social Responsibility: Sustainable development has been Cocelpa’s commitment to society and the environment since its foundation. The function of forest reserves is to generate quality raw materials for industry and also balance the ecosystem in a company’s area of operation.

Telephone: + 55 (41) 3641-3200
Fax: + 55 (41) 3643-3130
Rodovia do Xisto, Km 14,5 – Jd. Alvorada
83707-440 – Araucária – PR