Grupo Orsa


Grupo Orsa

Mills/Offices: Manaus (in the State of Amazonas), Rio Verde (in the State of Goiás), Munguba (in the State of Pará), and Franco da Rocha, Nova Campina, Paulínia and Suzano, in the State of São Paulo.

The Orsa Group is one of the most prominent Brazilian organizations in the wood, pulp, paper and packaging sector, with operations also in the market of non-wood forestry products. The Group values sustainability as a pillar for its business strategy. 100% domestically owned, it became a world reference in sustainably handling native tropical forests for its operations in the Amazon Region in the Jari river valley, located on the border between the States of Pará and Amapá

The Orsa Group is formed by three companies – Jari Celulose, Papel e Embalagens S.a, Orsa Florestal and Ouro Verde Amazônia. The four companies are fully integrated, in line with the 3Ps international concept – “People, Profit and Planet” –, and incorporate action models economically feasible, socially fair and environmentally sound. The Group destines 1% of its annual gross income to the Orsa Foundation, which invests the financial resources in the development and implementation of innovative social technologies, in partnership with public and private agents.

Products: Wrapping paper, sheets, corrugated cardboard packaging and eucalyptus bleached pulp. All certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The Pulp Division produces bleached eucalyptus kraft pulp (BEKP) – ECF Jariliptus –, used in paper segments, such as: cardboard, paper for printing and writing, sanitary paper products and lightweight special papers, among others. It is the only company in Brazil and the first worldwide to have a FSC Pure Label certification for its entire custody chain, and one of the very few with its total planted area certified by the ISO 14001 Norm. With an installed capacity of 410 thousand tons per year, the Group trades mainly in the European and Asian markets.

The Paper and Wrapping Division is Brazil’s second largest integrated industry for packaging paper, sheets and corrugated cardboard packaging, catering to practically all economic segments. Recognized by its pioneership, the Group adopted the vertical system and was the first in the sector to receive the FSC certification for the production of 100%-recycled paper after consumption.

Social Responsibility: The Orsa Group companies operate in synergy with the Orsa Foundation, Orsa Group’s non-profit social enterprise, which develops projects in the areas of education, health, human rights’ assurance, the environment, culture, job and income generation.

Founded in 1994, it assisted more than 6.8 million cases, children, adolescents and families throughout the years. Its major source of funds comes from the 1% fixed contribution over the Orsa Group companies’ annual gross income, regardless of their financial result. Until 2009, investments totaled R$ 150 million.

Telephone: +55 (11) 4689-8700 
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