Santher - Fábrica de Papel Santa Therezinha S/A

Mills/Offices: Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul .

Santher, Fábrica de Papel Santa Therezinha S.A., was founded over 70 years ago. Its core business is the manufacturing of paper for industrial uses and other types of papers developed for specific markets.

Products: tissue paper and special papers.

Santher manufactures special low basis weight papers for coatings, lamination, printing and fast food; low basis weight tissue paper for personal care and paper napkins; monolucid papers for lamination; printing and waxing papers; kraft paper; interleaving paper; application paper; coated papers; flor post; and silk paper for printing, napkins, crepe paper, wrapping paper and toilet paper. In 2009, the company started manufacturing disposable diapers.

Social Responsibility: Santher adopts a philosophy that focuses on socially responsible actions. This philosophy is translated into social projects and participation in campaigns and volunteer work that result in improved quality of life and the development of the communities it is involved in.

Social actions developed in the States of: Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo.

Telephone: +55 (11) 3030-0200 
Fax: +55 (11) 3819-6132
Av. Eusébio Matoso, 1375 – 9º and. – Cj.901/2
05423-180 – São Paulo – SP