Consórcio Paulista de Papel e Celulose - Conpacel

Mills/Offices: Limeira (in the State of São Paulo)

On 1st of September, 2008, Consórcio Paulista de Papel e Celulose – CONPACEL, the Paper and Pulp Consortium of the State of São Paulo was established. The management model adopted by the Consortium comprises a mill, located in Limeira (in the State of São Paulo, near the border with Americana), and eight forestland areas distributed across the state of São Paulo.

The consortium member companies are Fibria, a company of Grupo Votorantim, and Suzano Papel e Celulose, both of which acquired the controlling interest in Ripasa Celulose e Papel in November, 2004, and defined the Consortium model for managing the sites involved.

Each one of the controlling members of CONPACEL detains 50% of the assets, and the production is independently marketed by Fibria and Suzano.

Product(s): Paper and Pulp.

Social Action Area:São Paulo

Telephone: + 55 19) 2108-3211 
Fax: + 55 (11) 3406-8476
Estrada Limeira 391, s/nº – Bairro Lageado
13486-199 – Limeira – SP